History of Jews in Brownsville, TN: click here

Early 1800's- Solomon and Joseph Sternberger emigrate from Germany, bringing with them a Torah scroll

1847- Jacob Felsenthal settles in Brownsville

1860's- The Sternberger brothers along with Jacob and Karoline Felsenthal use the Torah for Shabbat services in Brownsville in the Felsenthals' and the Sternbergers' Brownsville homes

1867- The congregation was formed

1878- The congregation purchased land and set it aside for the Adas Israel Cemetary

1879- The reform mode of worship was instituted in the congregation

1882- The congregation erected a temple

1920- The wooden exterior structure was bricked

1922- The congregation officially joined the Union of American Hebrew Congregations

2017 The Congregation celebrated its 150th birthday